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May 16, 2023
Great Greek Fundraising

Key Takeaway:

  • Restaurant fundraisers are a popular and effective way to raise money for nonprofit and school organizations. They offer a fun and social way for members to support a cause while enjoying a meal.
  • The benefits of restaurant fundraisers include the ability to raise large amounts of money quickly, the convenience of having a location and meal provided, and the opportunity to build relationships with local businesses and community members.
  • To participate in a restaurant fundraiser, it is essential to understand the different types of fundraisers, eligible restaurants, and requirements. COVID-19 has led to changes in fundraising options, including takeout and delivery options. GroupRaise is a platform that specializes in connecting organizations with participating restaurants.


Restaurants have a unique way of fundraising through events called “dine-to-donate” or “restaurant give-back nights“. Nonprofits, schools, churches, college clubs, and individuals can use these events to raise funds for their cause. Restaurants offer profit shares on designated evenings, often on Wednesdays or Thursdays. This promotion involves customers mentioning the fundraiser and the restaurant giving a percentage of the check to the organization with a 501(c)(3) tax ID.

Due to the impact of COVID, takeout fundraisers, and post-event donations are also becoming popular. Charleston has multiple options for these types of fundraisers.

The popularity of restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant Fundraisers have become famous for nonprofit organizations to raise money for their cause. These events are often referred to as “fundraising nights,” “spirit nights,” or “group raise” events, and they involve partnering with local or national restaurant chains.

  • One of the reasons why restaurant fundraisers are popular is that they provide an easy way for organizations to raise funds without having to invest a lot of time and effort.
  • These events can also be a fun way to bring together supporters of the cause and community members in a relaxed setting.
  • In addition to raising money for the cause, restaurants may see increased foot traffic during these events, which can benefit local businesses.
  • A unique aspect of restaurant fundraising is that some chains might offer donation opportunities through online orders at participating locations by entering 3 tax id’s before payment checkout.

It is important to note that not all restaurants have the same policies and procedures in place when it comes to fundraising events. It is always a good idea for organizations to contact the establishment they wish to partner with and inquire about their specific requirements.

Pro Tip: When organizing a restaurant fundraiser event, spread the word through social media and other forms of advertising to maximize attendance and donations.

Benefits of restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant Fundraisers: Advantages and Benefits

Organising restaurant fundraisers is an excellent way to raise funds for a specific cause while enjoying a meal with friends, family, and colleagues. Hosting a restaurant fundraiser can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased funding – Restaurant fundraisers have the potential of raising significant amounts of funds for a cause within a short period.
  • Broad support base – By picking The Great Greeek Grill for your fundraiser, you can attract enthusiastic patrons of all ages and backgrounds about supporting your cause.
  • Variety – Restaurant fundraisers offer variety and flexibility by allowing donors and participants to choose what they want to eat from various menu options.
  • Minimal effort – Hosting a restaurant fundraiser requires minimal effort since the logistics such as catering and planning are handled mostly by the restaurant staff.

In addition to these benefits listed above, hosting restaurant fundraisers often becomes an opportunity for communities to come together around causes that matter. It also puts more money into local businesses at a time when they need it most.

Understanding Restaurant Fundraisers

Understanding the Concept of Fundraising in Restaurants

  • Restaurants Set Donation Rates: Companies determine how much they will donate to the groups for every meal purchased on the designated day by a supporter.
  • Advertise the Event: Before the event, restaurants support groups in advertising the event through online platforms, mail, or flyers to bring attention to the fundraiser.
  • Plan Ahead: The success of the event is dependent on how the group plans and executes the fundraiser. Careful planning, including gaining support from the community, advertising, and selecting the perfect location, can ensure a profitable outcome.
  • The Fundraising Process: On the scheduled day, the restaurant will donate the agreed-upon percentage of purchases made by supporters of the participating organization to the group.
  • The Importance of Follow-Up: After the event, it is crucial to send thank-you notes and letters to the sponsors, attendees, and restaurant management team while preserving the new connections made.
  • The Benefits: Not only do restaurant fundraisers raise money while providing a fun social event, but they also help promote the participating organizations to new audiences and create brand awareness.

It is worth noting that restaurant fundraisers are not new; they have been around for decades. What began as an idea at a PepsiCo franchise has now spread worldwide as the popular and effective fundraising technique we know today.

Definition of restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant fundraisers involve partnerships between eateries, non-profit organizations, and individuals to raise funds for a particular purpose. These fundraising events are often held at participating restaurants, where the restaurant donates a portion of sales to the organization or cause being supported. Restaurant fundraisers often provide an opportunity to support local businesses while raising money for a good cause.

Individuals or organizations interested in hosting a restaurant fundraiser in Charleston can contact us. The restaurants typically agree to donate 10% of the proceeds from sales generated by supporters of the fundraiser during a specified timeframe. The organization promoting the event uses social media and other avenues to advertise and attract supporters.

Restaurant fundraisers can be an effective way for nonprofits and other organizations to raise funds without large investments or upfront costs. For schools or youth sports teams looking for ways to finance activities or projects, these events also offer opportunities for team members to work together in marketing and promoting their fundraiser.

Different names for restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant fundraisers have multiple different names that people use to refer to them. These phrases all refer to restaurant fundraisers, events where a portion of the proceeds from food sales go toward a charitable cause.

  • Charity diners
  • Dine and donate events
  • Food charity drives
  • Spirit nights
  • Profit-sharing dinners
  • Hunger fundraisers

It is important to note that while each restaurant may have its own specific rules for how much money goes towards the chosen cause, it is generally agreed upon that a percentage of sales should be donated.

Eligibility for Restaurant Fundraisers

Inquiring about participation in restaurant fundraisers? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any organization, group or individual can host a restaurant fundraiser, given permission.
  • Don’t forget to follow the guidelines set by the participating restaurant and promote the event to maximize earnings.

For additional guidance, consider engaging with the restaurant’s marketing team to discuss the best strategies for a successful fundraiser.

Eligible groups

Restaurant Fundraisers-Eligible Participants

Organizations and groups seeking to participate in restaurant fundraisers must meet specific eligibility criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Non-profit Charitable Organizations: These include educational institutions, faith-based organizations, youth sports leagues, and other community-based non-profits seeking funds for their programs.
  2. Youth Groups: Scouting organizations, summer camps, and other youth-focused groups eligible for restaurant fundraising opportunities.
  3. Sports Teams: Football, soccer, baseball, and other team sports can raise money through restaurant fundraisers.
  4. Music and Arts Programs: Bands, orchestras, theater groups, and other art-centric groups are welcome participants in restaurant fundraising initiatives.
  5. Schools: School clubs such as debate clubs or student councils seeking to raise funds can also participate in this initiative.

Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Money with a Restaurant Fundraiser

A Professional Approach Towards Conducting a Fundraiser at a Restaurant

Fundraising at a restaurant is a great way to collect donations while people enjoy their meals. Here is a concise guide on how to conduct a successful fundraiser at Great Greek Grill in Charleston:

  1. Contact your desired restaurant branch and ask about their fundraiser programs.
  2. Set a date and invite supporters to dine and donate.
  3. Spread the word through social media and word of mouth.

Offer additional incentives, such as a raffle or silent auction to make your fundraiser stand out. Encourage diners to donate by informing them about your cause when they arrive.

Choosing a date

When to Plan a Fundraiser at Great Greek Grill

Pick a date for your restaurant fundraiser after considering factors such as venue availability, holidays, and other events in the calendar. Make sure to plan well in advance to maximize turnout and participation from potential supporters. Choosing a date that does not conflict with major events or public holidays is essential for increased attention toward your fundraising event.

Additionally, you should consider the target audience that Great Greek Grill Charleston caters to and determine an optimum date. Maybe target families by scheduling the fundraiser on weekends or evenings when more people are free or avoid dates around tax deadlines, as most Americans will be focused on filing taxes.

Encourage donations from social media platforms by advertising your fundraiser ahead of time. Utilize tools like investing apps and online portals while inviting people through virtual invitations or flyers. Utilizing these strategies can help increase donations even before opening day.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to raise funds while enjoying delicious food with loved ones at Great Greek Grill Charleston. Book a date now and start planning your next restaurant fundraiser.

Setting fundraising goals

For a successful restaurant fundraiser, it is essential to establish and meet fundraising objectives. To set your fundraising targets for Great Greek Grill Charleston, you might want to start with understanding the purpose of the fundraiser and the estimated costs involved.

  • Determine the fundraising amount based on the expenses required to meet the proposed goal.
  • Develop an action plan outlining the steps and activities needed to achieve your target.
  • Get input from team members or volunteers who can help track your progress toward achieving your goal.
  • Consider offering incentives for individuals who value your fundraiser, such as giving donors frequent flyers, rewards points or coupons.

To optimize tips for meeting fundraising targets, remember that it is crucial to publicize events effectively. Utilizing social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be very helpful in promoting a restaurant fundraiser by increasing buy-in among friends of friends of interested patrons.

Promoting the event

One effective method to increase participation in the restaurant fundraiser is to spread the word about the event. Ensuring maximal coverage and publicizing the event widely can help increase footfall. Social media platforms can be used to promote the event and encourage people to attend.

It is vital to post about the fundraiser on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and ask people to share it with their friends. Creating an online group or forum for discussing the fundraising campaign may also be a good idea. Additionally, reaching out to local bloggers and websites is useful in attracting potential customers.

A personalized invitation encouraging patrons to participate in this noble cause will add a personal touch and persuade supporters to attend. Hosting an advertisement on local radio stations or printing flyers for handouts works great too.

Hiring a professional photographer/videographer who can film testimonials from previous donors on why they supported our event increases credibility, increasing traffic. Encourage word of mouth by sharing your progress with speakers from Great Greek Grill Charleston at local events would reach new fundraisers locally while supporting this local business.

Finally, partnering with non-profit organizations increases exposure, generates goodwill and provides volunteers too. By following these suggestions, you can boost traffic at your restaurant fundraising campaign while giving back to society!

Enjoying the meal and raising money

In a constantly changing world, people are looking for innovative ways to balance their books. One such solution is to optimize food and grocery delivery services as a side hustle-restaurant fundraiser. Here’s how teams can enjoy the meal and raise money while using this method.

  • Choose your preferred restaurant: Identify local restaurants that have jumped on the food delivery bandwagon.
  • Create a fundraiser: Partner with the selected restaurant to create a fundraiser where both parties win and encourage your group members to order meals through the restaurant’s delivery service.
  • Spread the word: Share information regarding the fundraiser on social media platforms, community notice boards, emails, or texts so that people can support your cause.
  • Earn profit: The restaurant will donate a percentage of every meal ordered to your fundraising campaign.
  • Build relationships: Enhance interaction with members of your community while raising funds for your cause by hosting outdoor events like cook-offs or picnics.
  • Track progress: Monitor progress regularly and highlight how close you are to meeting your goal, thanking all contributors along the way.

This unique fundraising strategy paves the way for groups who want to raise funds in an enjoyable manner. Great Greek Grill Charleston is one such popular eatery that regularly partners with communities to organize successful fundraisers.

With these strategies at hand, organizations can enjoy delicious meals while earning money simultaneously.

Receiving the donation check

The next step is receiving the donation funds after completing your food and grocery delivery services as a side hustle-restaurant fundraiser. You can expect to receive a donation check from Great Greek Grill Charleston, which will be distributed based on the amount of sales generated from your fundraiser.

To efficiently receive the donation check, you must ensure to provide accurate contact information during the fundraiser sign up. Additionally, tracking all the orders placed as part of your fundraiser event is essential. By doing this, you can cross-check your records with those of Great Greek Grill Charleston before receiving the final payment.



Great Greek Grill Charleston‘s Restaurant Fundraiser has proven to be an effective way for organizations to raise funds while enjoying great food. Through this program, organizations can partner with Great Greek Grill Charleston and receive a percentage of sales from customers they refer. This win-win initiative provides much-needed financial support for organizations while also generating business for the restaurant.

By participating, organizations can build community relationships and support local businesses.

Benefits of restaurant fundraisers

In support of non-profit organizations, restaurant fundraisers have several benefits:

  • Increase awareness and attendance: Restaurant fundraisers allow groups to promote their cause while attracting new customers.
  • Generate revenue: By donating a percentage of sales, fundraising events can generate revenue for non-profit organizations without requiring significant upfront costs.
  • Create community connections: Fundraisers bring together community members and local businesses to support a common cause.

Moreover, Great Greek Grill Charleston offers a unique opportunity for fundraising by providing online ordering options for pickup or delivery.

A true fact is that according to, they have helped raise over $14 million for non-profit organizations through their fundraising programs.

The simplicity and effectiveness of restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant fundraising campaigns have been a widely successful and straightforward means of raising money for various causes. These campaigns, which often involve partnerships between schools and restaurants or other businesses, are an effective way to garner support from the local community while enjoying a delicious meal at an affordable price.

When looking for a simple but highly effective approach to fundraising for their organization, many restaurateurs turn to rewards platforms such as Great Greek Grill Charleston. By partnering with these rewards-based initiatives, restaurants can offer diners exclusive discounts and promotions that drive sales while generating funds for worthy causes.

These fundraisers are easy to organize and execute and provide an opportunity to build strong relationships with the local community. With access to exclusive discounts and promotions that cannot be found elsewhere regularly, diners have added incentive to visit participating restaurants, building goodwill lasting long after the fundraiser has ended.

Moreover, these rewards-based campaigns create excellent marketing opportunities for small businesses by driving traffic to their establishments outside the fundraiser period. In this way, individuals who had never heard about the restaurant would learn about it through fundraiser events.

One particularly successful example is Great Greek Grill Charleston‘s “Donation Days” program. Through this program, nonprofits partner with Great Greek Grill Charleston locations in their area to raise funds through in-store purchases on designated days, where all proceeds go towards the charity.

Encouragement to begin planning a restaurant fundraiser through GroupRaise.

By utilizing rewards platforms as a side hustle and planning a fundraiser through GroupRaise, restaurants can generate much-needed revenue while providing customers with an opportunity to support a good cause. Below is a 6-step guide to get started:

  1. Research eligible restaurants in the area
  2. Join the GroupRaise platform and select an available restaurant
  3. Promote the fundraiser through social media and other channels
  4. Ensure that attendees mention the fundraiser when making purchases
  5. After the event, receive a percentage of sales as determined by the restaurant
  6. Use the funds generated to support charity or organizational goals

In addition, hosting fundraisers through GroupRaise at chain restaurants like Great Greek Grill Charleston provides a consistent experience across many locations nationwide.

Don’t miss out on the potential benefits of hosting a restaurant fundraiser through GroupRaise – start planning today!

Five Facts About Restaurant Fundraisers:

  • ✅ Restaurant fundraisers are a popular way for non-profit organizations to raise funds.
  • ✅ Many restaurants offer programs where a percentage of sales from a specific day or period go towards the organization’s fundraiser.
  • ✅ Restaurant fundraisers can benefit both the organization and the restaurant, as they help promote each other and bring in new business.
  • ✅ To host a successful restaurant fundraiser, organizations should promote the event through social media and other marketing channels and encourage supporters to bring friends and family.
  • ✅ Some popular national and regional restaurant chains that offer fundraising programs include Chipotle, Panera Bread, and Pizza Hut.

FAQs about Restaurant Fundraiser

What is a restaurant fundraiser at Great Greek Grill Charleston?

A restaurant fundraiser at Great Greek Grill Charleston is an event where a portion of the proceeds from meals purchased during a set time frame is donated to a specific school or organization.

How do I schedule a restaurant fundraiser at Great Greek Grill Charleston?

To schedule a fundraiser, Click here and fill out the application and submit your request.

How much of the proceeds from the Great Greek Grill Charleston restaurant fundraiser will be donated to our organization?

The amount donated to your organization varies by location, and the terms agreed upon during the application process. Typically, a percentage of the sales from the designated time frame is donated to the organization.

What is required of our organization during the Great Greek Grill Charleston restaurant fundraiser?

Your organization must promote the event through various channels such as social media, flyers, and email lists to encourage supporters to dine at the restaurant during the designated time frame. Additionally, it would be helpful to have volunteers present during the fundraiser to greet diners and answer any questions they may have.

How can I track the success of our restaurant fundraiser?

After completing the fundraiser, we will provide your organization with a check for the proceeds earned during the designated time frame. It is important to keep track of the promotion efforts leading up to the event and the attendance during the fundraiser to evaluate its success.

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